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Willow Frame Baskets with Phil Bradley

Frame Baskets 2022

Tues - Wed 22nd - 23rd March (2 days)- £150 plus £20 for materials

2 day course from 9.45am - 4.30pm approx. Price includes materials lunch and refreshments.

Book with Broadrake. Contact Rachel on 015242 41357;

Frame Baskets

Frame baskets are one of the earliest forms of basket shape, and the position of the curved ribs will dictate the overall depth of the basket, from almost flat, as a platter, to deeper, for a lovely fruit bowl, or gathering basket for the garden. The soaked and mellow willow will behave well as you guide it in and out of the framework, starting with decorative weaves to fasten in the main ribs.

You will gain an understanding of how the willow behaves as you weave the baskets and after the final trimming up you will have a useful basket you will be proud of to take home. There is nothing that looks so good as fresh bread or fruit on a shallow frame basket, logs or even a pair of cats in an English basket.

Phil's gentle, relaxed teaching style will guide you through the various weaving patterns for the different parts of the basket and the frame, ribs, the body weaves and a handle for the Frame basket.

Phil lives in NW Cumbria where he grows his own sustainable willow for basket-making, garden structures and also bird sculptures, all popular workshop topics. There is a link to his website here.. The organic willow is included in the price and all the tools required will be provided.