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Greenwood Workshops with Steve Tomlin

Course Dates for 2020

Thu/Fri 10th/11th September - Spoon Carving for beginners: £165 (2 days)

Thu 15th October - Carved Fan Birds: £85

Courses are from 9.45am - 4.30pm approx. Price includes materials lunch and refreshments.
Please wear layers of warm clothing and sturdy footwear.

Book with Broadrake. Contact Rachel on 015242 41357;

Steve has been coming to Broadrake for several years now. On his first visit he taught us to scythe which has helped us keep our wildflower meadow and new native woodland areas under control. Following on from that he has run several more scything courses for beginners and improvers, then later we introduced greenwood spoon carving which has proved very popular. Carved Fan Birds will be a first for us this year, though Steve has been teaching this course at a number of other venues. Check out his website here

Spoon Carving for beginners

Spoon carving takes whittling away bark from a branch to the next level, using an axe and just 2 different carving knives. Steve Tomlin has been making beautiful, tactile and useful spoons for over 10 years. He is an excellent teacher, breaking down the different processes into manageable stages, the class all working together before moving on. Steve will emphasize and give gentle reminders about safe & efficient working whilst still ensuring you all have an enjoyable and fun day.

Axe work skills are taught to minimise risk of injury and a simple kitchen stirring spoon shape is roughed out from a section cut from a freshly split log. Different straight knife cuts are taught to shape the handle and the bowl shape. A curved knife is used to hollow out the inside of the stirring spoon which you should finish by the end of the Day 1. Day 2 starts with simple butter spreaders to reinforce the axe and knife skills, before moving onto cranked spoon blanks for an eating spoon.

This workshop is suitable for complete beginners and all tools and greenwood are provided. By the end of the 2 days, you will know how to axe & carve efficiently and safely, have a better understanding of carving the different grain patterns, and be able to consider spoon design. There will be opportunities to discuss sharpening methods and finishing oils to treat the spoons. This should give you the confidence to continue at home, to practise the skills and make more stirrers, spreaders & spoons. This absorbing and addictive craft will have you looking at every fallen tree branch and fresh cut log pile with spoon eyes!

Carved Fan Birds

This full day workshop gives you much more time to embed the different carving cuts for these charming, intricate bird decorations that will swing gently when hung. These are created from a single piece of fresh greenwood and no glue, pins or wire are necessary! There should be time for you to make at least 2 of these unique hanging bird decorations.

This day is suitable for beginners and is also a good introduction to greenwood carving; hopefully your next venture will be spoon carving!

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