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Cleft Oak / Ash Hurdle Gates with Phil Bradley

Friday 2nd October

9.00am. - 4.30pm. approx.

Price £150 for 2 people; includes refreshments and a tasty soup and sourdough lunch.
There will be a small additional charge for materials.

Book with Broadrake. Contact Rachel on 015242 41357;

Usually when Phil comes to Broadrake it is to teach willow weaving but a couple of years ago he taught us to make the cleft ash hurdle gates we now use to keep sheep out of the barn entrance. These have been admired by passing walkers and students on other workshops who have asked if we run courses to make them. Well now, by popular demand, we do -

The price is for two people working as a pair to make one small hurdle gate. You will start with a log, probably ash, and learn how to split it. Then you will shape the rails and uprights, first of all using carving axes, then finishing with a draw knife on a shave horse. Mortise and tenon joints are used to assemble the hurdle which is then secured with hand made wooden pegs.

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