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Willow Plant Supports with Phil Bradley

Willow Plant Supports 2022

Thu 12th May - £75 plus £10 for materials

Courses are from 9.45am - 4.30pm approx. Price includes lunch and refreshments.

Book with Broadrake. Contact Rachel on 015242 41357;

Willow Plant Supports

This uses traditional basket weaves around the base of the support, to make it really strong with long base rods to insert the support securely into the ground. A different weave is used further up the support and at the end, a decorative top knot will tie in the top rods altogether. Very useful for your sweet peas or beans.

Phil has been coming to Broadrake for a number of years now. He has a gentle, relaxed teaching style which always proves popular with students.

He lives in NW Cumbria where he grows his own sustainable willow for basket-making, garden structures and also bird sculptures, all popular workshop topics. There is a link to his website here..